Stop living in the past, stop worrying about the future, focus on the present instead.

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I get asked a lot how I manage to be so hardworking yet so carefree, how do I balance between study, marriage and life. And the answer is pretty simple: I don't care about what…

It is true. It is not just because he is a 'nice' guy.

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President Biden, during his first solo White House news conference, faced questions about the current surge of migrants at the southern border. And he denied that the increased rate is due to the perception of him as a ‘nice’ guy. Instead, he suggested that more migrants are coming in because…

Is it because of the small population, or rather the clever strategy?

Benjamin Netanyahu and Yuli Edelstein meet a shipment of the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine at Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv

More than a third of Israel’s population has been fully vaccinated and is eligible for “green pass”, an entry permit that allows Covid-vaccinated inhabitants to visit gyms, bars, restaurants, and hotels. As vaccination rates are skyrocketing, Israelis are thrilled to go back to normal. …

Is delaying marriage always the best path?

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I am a young wife. I got engaged when I was only 18 years old and married two years later. This turn of events was shocking to everyone but mostly to my father. My father was furious. Actually, he was just jealous. …

To all the ladies out there using BCPs to prevent pregnancy in these difficult times, here is all you need to know.

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During the pandemic, most women are trying to delay pregnancy; and those who have been pregnant are urging others to wait.
Although there are so many methods of contraception, the pill is the most popular and effective one. …

I feel you Sanjana. I am kind of having this same anxiety. We got used to this very predictable routine that obviously it is kind of scary to go back to 'normal'. However, just like we adapted to the so-not-normal quarantine, I think we will survive and adapt to the new old normal.

Thanks for sharing!

I can't believe I never knew about this before. Unfortunately, they teach us a lot about the Great War, WW2, and the Cold War, but not as much when it comes to slavery; almost as if it is not as disgusting and shameful. So, thanks for sharing! We have a lot to learn from history.

Self-care is not extravagant. It is necessary.

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We tend to define ourselves based on how others see us, although the way they see us has very little to do with what we are. Why do we choose that definition anyway?
I used to define myself in two ways, likeability and relationships.

I had it all wrong. I…

And I am proud not to be one.

Hanna Barczyk

I am female. I am also a student, researcher, writer, daughter, wife… I am many things, but not a feminist. I am an individualist. I am me.

Why I Reject to Be a Feminist

I don't consider myself a 'feminist' for many reasons, but mainly because I believe in philosophy rather than ideology. I believe in Critical…

Remote work is here to stay, it is not a passing trend. How will the new work environment affect the future of careers?


Covid-19 is transforming people's relationship to work with millions now out of a job and many more getting used to working in a very different way. …

Yara Kabakebji

Political Science and International Relations Student. Happily married. Curious about absolutely everything.

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